How To

How to’s

Firstly if you are a returning customer you will  need to reset your password so you can log in.

To reset your password click here

To login in to your account area click here

In your account area you can view orders, bookings and lots of other userful info, it would be great if you could up date / add any missing info such as names, addresses and phone numbers.

For those of you who have purchased Credit Packs

You can purchase them here

Pay for 9 and get 1 Free

Standard pack of 5 Credits

Once you have purchased this product you will receive Credits in to your account.

Each 1 Credit is worth £10.00

Each time you book a class you redeem 1 credit which will take the £10 off the at the checkout.

(You must be logged in at checkout to use your points) 

Once you have used all your credits you can purchase again!

Please watch the following short video to see how to use your credits for booking and a general account overview.

How to redeem credits for bookings