Power Plate Classes x 10

Power Plate Classes x 10

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Save 10% and buy a block of 10 x 25 minute Power Plate Classes and select the days and times to suit you!

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Benefits of Power Plate Exercise Classes:

Efficient Workout: Power Plate accelerates training effects, allowing you to achieve more in less time.

Strengthens Muscles: The vibrations engage your muscles, causing rapid contractions and enhancing overall strength.

Improved Flexibility: Regular use of Power Plate helps increase flexibility and range of motion.

Enhanced Circulation: Vibration training stimulates blood flow, promoting better circulation throughout the body.

Increased Bone Density: The mechanical vibrations from Power Plate contribute to improved bone density, benefiting overall bone health.

Enhanced Core Stability: The constant engagement of core muscles during Power Plate exercises helps improve stability and balance.

Fatigue Reduction: Despite the intensity, Power Plate classes can help reduce workout-related fatigue due to increased blood flow and oxygenation.

Weight Loss and Toning: The combination of strength training and increased metabolism makes Power Plate a valuable tool for weight loss and muscle toning.

Joint Pain Relief: The low-impact nature of Power Plate makes it a suitable option for those with joint pain or discomfort.

Stress Reduction: The rhythmic vibrations induce a relaxing effect, helping to reduce stress and tension.

What to Expect in a Power Plate Class:

Warm-up: Begin with a gentle warm-up to prepare your body for the vibrations.

Strength Training: Engage in a series of strength-building exercises using the Power Plate to target major muscle groups.

Flexibility Exercises: Incorporate dynamic stretches to improve flexibility and range of motion.

Cardiovascular Work: Integrate cardiovascular exercises to boost heart rate and increase calorie burn.

Cool Down and Stretching: Finish the class with a cool down and stretching routine to aid in muscle recovery.

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